Local PG Guiding

Adventure Guide

Daniel "Dani" Pedroza is your paragliding guide for Tenancingo Paragliding  sites. Dani is an owner of "La Malinche" our home paragliding site.

Dani's Mobile is 722 269 5960 (Spanish only)

Local Guiding Rates

$50 USD per person/day

*Include accommodation at Casa Del Piloto, pickup, launch fee. Minimum 2 nights





La Malinche

 La Malinche, is minutes from our Casa. It is a south facing low 5 Km ridge at a climate boundary. The house thermal is directly in front of the launch.  Their is a clubhouse on launch, here room for 3 gliders  and is easily top landed.

Bistro Launch

Bistro launch  is our morning site,  and located about 10 minutes from our Casa. It is a South east facing launch.

El Picacho Launch

El Picacho is about 15 minutes from our Casa in a little pueblo of Malinalco.  There is a road leading downhill that cuts across the highway to a stores called El Parapente.